Viton FKM

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Gordon Rubber specializes in the fabrication of products from Viton FKM (trademarked Dupont fluorocarbon) for the mechanical and transportation industries.  It is preferred for use in these industries due to its resistance to:

  • Harsh environments

  • High temperatures

  • Oils, greases and fuels

  • Hydraulic fluids

  • Organic solvents

  • Chemicals

Gasket material costs can be cut substantially by purchasing those shapes best suited to your gasket requirements. Most Viton / FKM grades are available from 50-90 Duro in the following shapes:

  • Doughnuts/Donuts: Yields a single gasket with minimum trim and is especially economical for large sizes.

  • Discs: Yields multiple cuts for requirements in mixed sizes, also good for small doughnuts.

  • Finished Gaskets: Well-suited for single sized and small sized orders.

  • Jumbo: Spliced or dovetailed gaskets in circular, square or rectangular configurations in sizes that might yield prohibitive scrap volume.

  • Sheets: Available in different thickness and grades, from 1 mm up to 2 inches, for miscellaneous die cutting or water jetting job sizes.

  • Custom Sizes: Molded to your specific needs.

The most economical approach is achieved by purchasing combinations that fit your requirements. You may save substantially by pricing out your requirements using the best parts of the above.

If you’re interested in learning more about the unique applications and uses for Viton FKM, contact Gordon Rubber at 203-735-7441.